It’s Almost Here!!


What is almost here? Warmer weather, longest daytime days, all the Spring birds….AND CHOCOLAY BAYOU PRESERVE. The opportunity to purchase the 17 acre site surrounded on 3 sides by Chocolay Bayou waters can belong to the public!  Here’s what the UP Land Conservancy, project coordinator has to say:

“With the extremely generous donations of over one hundred private individuals–and the awarding of multiple grants–$100,000 from NAWCA, $10,000 from UPEC, and $10,000 from the Hirvonen Foundation–AND the pledges of many local businesses and organizations….We have raised nearly 80% of the funds we need! The phenomenal concert and silent auction that was held on February 20th at the Chocolay River Brewery and Restaurant raised more than $6,500 in one night!!!
According to our maths, we’ve got about $15,000 left to raise to purchase the property, and an additional $20,000 needed for stewarding the property…that is, adding in boardwalks, interpretive trails, and ensuring that UPLC has a budget to maintain the property in perpetuity–that’s right…we’re planning on protecting this stunning property FOREVER! We just really need your help ensuring that we can make that promise responsibly!”

Please check online and see how you can help to save this beautiful and historical “jewel” of the City of Harvey:

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