Join New Year Events for Harvey Preserve

Have you been to the Chocolay Bayou in Harvey, MI?

Up ’til now, this wetland paradise has only been accessible by private owners and public waters of the Chocolay River. This is very close to changing and you can be a part of this change. Join Preservers, Birders, Historians, Recreationists and Community members…all lead by Upper Peninsula Land Conservancy “to purchase 14 acres of the Chocolay Bayou to protect forever as a nature preserve, easily accessible to the public, and set aside for the sake of our communities both natural and human.”


Chocolay Bayou Bridge

     —  How will this happen? Events!!

UP Land Conservancy Annual Meeting – Jan 26 @ Women’s Federated Club House
Over the River and Through the Woods Race/Walk – Feb 13 @ Vielmetti-Peters Preserve
Eastside Ramblers and Preserve Tour – Feb 20 @ Chocolay River Brewery

Have fun participating in these and more — all winter and spring to raise funds to help purchase and prepare this property for use now and for posterity. 

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